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  • System monitor for Java  v.1.0System monitor is a Java library for monitoring system resources like memory and CPU consumption. The library provides unified cross-platform API for accessing system information. Currently Linux and Windows are supported via Java Native Interface (JNI).
  • Dual Core System Monitor with Amarok  v.3.00Dual Core System Monitor with Amarok is a Superkarmaba theme based on the full system monitor dual core widget.
  • Zebra System Monitor  v.0.7Zebra System Monitor is a SuperKaramba theme with a basic system informations and some python extensions for changing background,.
  • System Monitor 2  v.1.0.2Advanded KDE System Monitor software ...
  • Null::System Monitor  v.1.0Very simple system monitoring script for Karamba.
  • Heroes Of Mighty Magic Email System  v.01Project Hommes is an attempt to create a Heroes of Might & Magic look-and-feelalike game with nice graphics for Linux. It differs from the original in the way turns are done: You send a command file to a host which calculates the next turn ...
  • EXMH - Extensible MH Email Interface  v.2.7.2exmh is a user interface to the MH (a.k.a. nmh) email system. It is extensible and its users have exploited this to integrate PGP, Glimpse,ispell, faces/picons, MIME, and much ...
  • Nix Monitor  v.0.2Nix Monitor is a little Superkaramba system monitor based on the "unix" monitor.
  • Fsmm  v.0.1.1FSMM is the "File System Monitor and Mirror". Basically, it watches for certainevents on your filesystem (or on a portion of it), and calls a "Mirror Engine"that will replicate this file ASAP to some other ...
  • OpenBottle  v.0.1.1OpenBottle is a per user anti-spam email system based on a sender authenticated whitelist mechanism. The core of the system is written in Perl, with a webdriven user interface in ...
  • Qmailinst  v.1.0Installer for QMAIL. QMAILINST will install a full email system with smtp, pop3, imap, web administration, mailing lists, and optional ...
  • BizMin - Business Administration Tool  v.0.1bA Web Based Business Administration Tool. The system will control's everyday functions in a business. This project comes with some Base Plugins such as Business Card Generation, Employee Scheduling, Retail label Printing, An internal Email system ...
  • CONKY-colors  v.4.2.2Conky is a free, light-weight system monitor for X, that displays any information on your desktop.
  • BaMoQuLa  v.0.1BaMoQuLa is a system monitor and a quickLaunch bar, it give info about System, CPU, Memory and Network, and also you can launch.
  • Core2Monitor  v.1.75Core2Monitor is a system monitor widget for Core 2 Duo with control of Amarok.
  • ArachnoDualCoreMon  v.1.0ArachnoDualCoreMon is a Superkaramba theme that works as a system monitor for an Athlon64 X2 processor.
  • ASensors  v.2.3-0A system monitor Screenlet based on Sysmonitor (default) and aNotify (my own) Screenlets.
  • ESM  v.1.1ESM (Extensible System Monitor) is a program that lets you tie together plugins to monitor your system.
  • Songketmail  v.0.0.1SongketMail is a RPM Installer for Open Source Email System.
  • Java Application Monitor API  v.2.73Java Application Monitor (JAMon) project is a free,.
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