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Xerospam  v.1.0

Spam is a real challenge of email system. We were writing very efficient Anti-Spam software from 2005. There is 34 filters for Spam in this engine. our target is to achieve 99.9% efficiency with almost 0% false positive.

BizMin - Business Administration Tool  v.0.1b

A Web Based Business Administration Tool. The system will control's everyday functions in a business. This project comes with some Base Plugins such as Business Card Generation, Employee Scheduling, Retail label Printing, An internal Email system

EasyEMS  v.1.0

EasyEMS is a perfect companion of Amazon SES(Simple Email System) for professional Email Marketer.. EasyEMS provides web-based UI and flexible, extensible java library, which can be easily integrated into your own application.

CinguWebMail php/ajax webmail  v.1.0

webbased email system, easy to install and customizable.

PurpleSherry  v.1.0

A WAP (WML / Lightweight HTML) email system. Frontend to SMTP, IMAP and POP3 mailing systems for mobile devices or lightweight web browsers.

Spamsystem  v.1.0

Spam system is a enterprise smtp gateway system.It can handling many smtp inbound gateways, and spam & virus check.The system then send the mail using smtp outbound to company email system.The system is using c#

CONKY-colors  v.4.2.2

Conky is a free, light-weight system monitor for X, that displays any information on your desktop.

BaMoQuLa  v.0.1

BaMoQuLa is a system monitor and a quickLaunch bar, it give info about System, CPU, Memory and Network, and also you can launch.

Core2Monitor  v.1.75

Core2Monitor is a system monitor widget for Core 2 Duo with control of Amarok.

ArachnoDualCoreMon  v.1.0

ArachnoDualCoreMon is a Superkaramba theme that works as a system monitor for an Athlon64 X2 processor.

ASensors  v.2.3-0

A system monitor Screenlet based on Sysmonitor (default) and aNotify (my own) Screenlets.

ESM  v.1.1

ESM (Extensible System Monitor) is a program that lets you tie together plugins to monitor your system.

Songketmail  v.0.0.1

SongketMail is a RPM Installer for Open Source Email System.

HSLAB Free Sys Monitor  v.1.3.38

Advanced real-time monitoring and statistics utility for Windows. HSLAB Sys Monitor uses some advanced technologies for logging and mesuring system components. The sensors permanently monitor behind parameters of the system and gather the information

RichoSoft SetUp Monitor  v.3.0.4

Monitors your system for running setups or installs and pops up a message to check if you have created a Restore Point before the installation. Then goes back into the background whilst the setup finishes and starts monitoring again. Furthermore,

DriveHQ Email Manager  v.3.0 Build 79

Manage your emails & contacts like files, drag-&-drop or automatically backup your Outlook / Outlook Express / Windows Mail in real-time or scheduled times.

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